Fred Baron update: Biogen caves in to human decency

October 16, 2008

Mesothelioma titan Fred Baron will receive the last chance drug he needs to fight back what is likely terminal multiple myeloma, despite Biogen’s initial reluctance to provide the drug for off label use even with FDA approval, immunity from suit, and the plea of senators, ex-presidents, and tort giants like Mark Lanier.

“Thanks to the persistence and hard work of so many friends, Fred has received Tysabri,” Baron’s wife, Lisa Blue, said in an e-mailed statement. “The Mayo Clinic working with the FDA found a legal basis for this use. We have every expectation of a positive result.” The whole story is here.


Mesothelioma titan Fred Baron succumbing to multiple myeloma

October 16, 2008

Fred Baron, founding partner of Dallas’s legendary toxic torts firm Baron & Budd and asbestos/mesothelioma crusader, is dying of multiple myeloma at the Mayo Clinic. Effectively blocking a last ditch effort to get him treatment that might extend his life, big pharma is finally exacting its bloody revenge on a lawyer who led the charge against drug companies by refusing to provide an off label use of a drug that might help. Read the extraordinary story here.