Cancer commentary #2

Patient “S.G.”

You can’t believe it’s happening to you, really you can’t. First they cut out my colon and then radiated me twenty-five times each time was like being put in a microwave and then I had ten chemo treatments and each one of those made me sick beyond belief, then more surgery for blockages and things you just can’t even bear to know what they are, they’re so bad.

And all the time you can’t believe it’s you and your body, the one you’ve had all your life that’s just failing on you. You want to know about faith in God? That’s my rock. God, my family, and my doctors, in that order, faith like a rock and the will to live. Your will to live has to be more tenacious than the cancer. Take it one day at a time, beat back the depression that’s dogging you at every turn, beat it back with with a smile, an iron smile that refuses to bend.


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