Mesothelioma science news

San Pedro, CA – October 9, 2007

1. Restricted field radiation therapy provides an improved method for radiating a complex target after extrapleural pneumonectomy. Link here.

2. First exposure to asbestos as related to later development of mesothelioma. Link here.

3. Outline of the evidence supporting the conclusion that asbestos from brakes can and does cause mesothelioma, and description of attempts to fabricate doubt about this conclusion. Link here.

4. Asbestos exposure causes increased cancer of the pleura and leukemia among Savannah River Site workers. Link here.

5. Prognostic factors in the treatment of pleural mesothelioma. Link here.

6. Bortezomib causes cell death and in vivo tumor regression in malignant mesothelioma and has led to a phase II clinical trial currently enrolling in Europe. Link here.

7. The addition of intermittently dosed Gleevec to Gemcitabine at low to full dose was associated with broad antitumor activity and little increase in toxicity in three mesothelioma cases. Link here.

8. Rare case in Australia of spontaneous regression of mesothelioma with no recurrence. Link here.

9. Mesothelioma epidemic in Trieste continues. Link here.


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