UK developers collude with PR firm to deceive public about asbestos hazards

In an incredible PR ploy to convince housing authorities and residents that a planned development on the grounds of what was once the world’s larges asbestos textile mill, formerly owned by Turner and Newall, Countryside Properties retained the services of the PPG group to spread inaccurate and misleading information about the project, according to a report by

The 3-year propaganda campaign has seen the developers:

–Publicly apologize for “past actions” and “miscommunication”
–The Advertising Standards Authority rule against the developers for a misleading newsletter that breached their code on honesty, truthfulness and substantiation
–Countryside Properties was found to have cybersquatted misleading domain names that could have been confused with the local community campaign
–BBC investigations revealed misleading assurances made on behalf of the developers about asbestos test results and exposed asbestos.

Similar to misinformation campaigns and infiltration strategies utilized by U.S. asbestos defendants, the economic needs of those promoting asbestos as safe and useful have for years been put above public health concerns in the United Kingdom.

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