The latest asbestos news from U.S. Senator Patty Murray

This week, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) will re-launch her 5-year effort to ban asbestos and protect American workers and their families. On Thursday, March 1st, Senator Murray will re-introduce her landmark bill and will also hold a Senate hearing on her bill.

On Thursday, Senator Murray will re-introduce her bill to ban the production and importation of asbestos in the U.S. and provide for increased public education, research and treatment.

As Chair of the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety, Murray will hear testimony on the need to ban asbestos and the deadly consequences of asbestos exposure for workers and their families.

The hearing is titled: “Asbestos: Still Lethal/Still Legal – The Need to Better Protect the Health of American Workers and Their Families.”

The hearing will take place in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 10:00 am EST in Senate Dirksen Room 430.

You may be able to hear the audio live on Thursday at 10 am EST by visiting – and selecting “Dirksen 430” from the list of hearing rooms on

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